History of Casale Borghesiano

Centuries ago, the territory of Valcorrente, was a baronal feud of the powerful Sicilian lords Aragonesi and Gioeni. Then it was owned by the Roman princes Colonna and Rospigliosi. After the old feudal lien was loosened, eventually it was acquired by the PaternĂ²s a noble family from Catania. In fact, it was acquired by donna Angela PaternĂ², princess of Sperlinga dei Manganelli, last representative of this illustrious family, and by her spouse Flavio Borghese, a Roman prince. More recently , it passed under the special care of the Roman prince Camillo Borghese and is currently managed by his daughter Flaminia.

Information about Valcorrente

The Valcorrente terrain lays at the left foot of the Etna volcano in Belpasso, in the Catania province. A Roman aqueduct from the Augustan age overpasses the terrain which was in fact declared an archaeological site. Lava stone is a dominant component of the soil, which is particularly fertile by virtue of abundant waters. Today this land is a generous provider of high quality fruits.
Famiglia Borghese
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